Friday, 3 June, 2011

Today's Trend: Baba Ramdev's Satyagrah v/s Salman's movie "Ready"

After reading news articles about "Baba Ramdev's 4th june Satyagrah against Corruption" and Salman Khan's next flick "Ready" releasing today, i am wondering how PR teams work in india nowadays. While Govt. of India is doing the most of the PR work (unintentionally) for Baba Ramdev's Satyagrah, PR team of Ready is trying very hard to keep salman in limelight just before release of movie.

As the above Google Trend shows, generally salman has better "News reference volume (NRV)" then Baba Ramdev, but surpassing of Baba's NRV just before the release of movie "ready" might effect movie's boxoffice collection. But "Search Volume Index (SVI)" of salman is much higher than Baba Ramdev's SVI. It might be a some relief for PR team of "Ready".

1. Satyagrah haven't yet started. Sources are expecting around 10 Million people joining baba at ramleela maidan at new delhi for Satyagrah.
2. Both are 1965 model of Homosepian (Man the wise) product.
3. My expectation: Satyagrah will surely affect movie's box office collections.


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