Wednesday, 27 January, 2010

Happy New Year

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all readers (if any)   [i now it's too late for that, but its the first post in this year]

and yesterday night around 3:00 AM, i finally solved the last problem in my new Minimum Spanning Tree calculating algorithm. All credit goes to Dr. Naveen Garg (IITD) who teaches me BCD (Boy, Cat, Doll) of Data Structures and Algorithm (although through videos :) ).

So, today i am pretty excited, cause now i just need to calculate the time complexity of algorithm. (implementation will only take one night stand)   And i have saved my full 2 months for other projects as it will be my final year major project and it is 67% done without much effort.

(if it will produce good statistical graphs in testing with Prim's and kruskal's algo, then it might lend in some journal and might also help me in securing job).

Finally, Happy New Year Again

[Keep watching for more code]


Ankush Bisht said...

I am your permanent reader sir and congratulations for algorithm.

rooparam said...

thanks ankush. and my algo is working fine now. i will publish it in my 1st year of MTech. hope u do visit my blog regularly.